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If you thaw frozen meat and using cold water, you should:
a) Change the water every hour b) Change the water every 45 minutes c) Change the water every 30 minutes d) Change the water every 15 minutes
Food borne illnesses common sources are:
a) Food b) People c) Equipment d) All choices
A treatment to choking is:
a) CPR b) Surgery c) The Heimlich maneuver d) None of the choices
After the meal,
a) Toothpicks can be used at the table b) Excuse yourself, do not just walk off c) Do not wait for the host/hostess to end the meal d) None of the choices
Saturated fats are:
a) Fats that are usually solid at room temperature b) Sources of meat, egg yolks, and whole milk c) Strongly linked to high cholesterol d) All choices
Tonya finished washing her hands and went immediately back to chopping the vegetables. Since her hands were wet, she dropped the knife and tried her best to keep it from cutting her foot or hitting the floor.
a) Safe b) Unsafe c) d)
Robert had only put the roast in the oven for about 5 minutes and decided to take it out quickly with his hands to finish seasoning it.
a) Safe b) Unsafe c) d)
Justin immediately stopped what he was doing to clean up a spill on the floor.
a) Safe b) Unsafe c) d)
Jamie wanted to taste her mix real quick to see if it needed any more seasoning, but suddenly had to sneeze. After wiping her hands on her apron, she stuck her finger in the bowl to taste it and sure enough, it needed more salt.
a) Safe b) Unsafe c) d)
Chris made sure to unplug all appliances before starting to wash dishes.
a) Safe b) Unsafe c) d)
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