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What fiber is a synthetic one composed by aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides?
a) Cotton b) Wool c) Nylon d) Cellulose acetate
The fibers from petroleum are know as...
a) Natural fibers b) Dirty fibers c) Artificial fibers d) Synthetic fibers
What fabric is made with the fibers of flax plant?
a) Linen b) Cotton c) Silk d) Polyester
Which is the synthetic fiber most used now?
a) Kevlar b) Rayon c) Cellulose acetate d) Polyester
How can we divide the different kinds of natural fibers?
a) Fibers of anima and mineral origen b) Fibers of goats and sheeps origen c) Fibers of petroleum and cellulosic origen d) Fibers of animal and vegetal origen
Which of the next fibers is a synthetic one?
a) Nylon b) Polyester c) Elastane d) All of the above
Synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.
a) Wool b) Cellulose acetate c) Elastane d) Polyester
Synthetic fiber used as a high-strength material.
a) Kevlar b) Nylon c) Rayon d) Silk
Protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin and produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons.
a) Cotton b) Wool c) Silk d) Linen
Which country is the most important fibers importer now?
a) China b) EEUU c) Andorra d) Germany
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