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What does mal mean?
a) bad/abnormal/worse b) speak c) believe d) foot
What does dict mean?
a) look b) speak c) foot d) hand
What does cred mean?
a) believe b) throw c) carry d) hand
What does ped mean?
a) hand b) foot c) eye d) ear
What does spec mean?
a) look b) judge c) find d) mean
What does ject mean?
a) out b) throw c) send d) carry
What does port mean?
a) carry b) believe c) find d) saw
What does sect mean?
a) chill b) cook c) cut/separate d) clean
What does miss/mit mean?
a) order b) cancel c) omit d) send
What does man, manu mean?
a) mouth b) leg c) hand d) foot
What does scrib/script mean?
a) write b) clean c) cook d) felt
What does ben/bene/bon mean?
a) sick b) good/well c) elder d) new
What does jur/jus/jud mean?
a) law/justice b) kill c) drill d) land
What does graph mean?
a) green b) blue c) writing d) this is not a real root
What does bio mean?
a) life b) study c) origin d) Kepler
What does viv/vit mean?
a) survival b) couch c) live d) upset
What does flect/flex mean?
a) workout! b) crease c) fold d) bend
What does frail/fract/frag mean?
a) glass b) break/shatter c) couch d) pillow
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