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What does proto mean?
a) first b) last c) second d) many
What does pseudo mean?
a) real b) false c) non-fiction d) name
What does photo mean?
a) dark b) night c) picture d) light
Which prefix means to live?
a) photo b) viv c) vid d) re
Which affix means under?
a) hypo b) hyper c) inter d) intra
What does neuro mean?
a) muscle b) cell c) nerve d) bone
Which affix means all?
a) mono b) penta c) poll d) omni
Which affix means many?
a) poll b) penta c) bio d) logy
Which affix means five?
a) quad b) penta c) octo d) tri
What does the affix pend mean?
a) hang b) slow c) fast d) distance
What does the affix ex mean?
a) in b) out c) side d) area
What does the affix fer mean?
a) hold b) pass c) carry d) open
What does the affix phon mean?
a) phonics b) listen c) sound d) loud
Which affix means water?
a) pan b) tonsill c) hema d) hydro
Which affix means all?
a) re b) pan c) hema d) spec
What does Hema mean?
a) big b) bone c) blood d) veins
What does spec mean?
a) to look b) to write c) to study d) to limp
What does the affix mono mean?
a) two b) same c) one d) boring
What does the affix tele mean?
a) close b) far c) tiny d) special
Which affix means lead?
a) strong b) duct c) duck d) person
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