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A large grouping of stars
a) solar nebula b) irregular galaxy c) comet d) galaxy
This system states the sun is the center of the solar system.
a) Big Bang Theory b) Heliocentric System c) Geocentric System d) Kuiper Belt
The step in the scientific method that asks if the hypothesis was correct.
a) conclusion b) hypothesis c) experiment d) analysis
The basic unit of length/distance in the SI system.
a) gram b) liter c) meter d) kilometer
The theory that explains what some scientists believe is the beginning of our universe.
a) Geocetric System b) Heliocentric System c) Big Bang Theory d) Nicholas Copernicus
Scientists think the universe will continue to do this.
a) shrink b) crunch c) stop moving d) expand
The name of our galaxy is......
a) Milky Way b) Polaris c) Barred Galaxy d) elliptical galaxy
The step of the scientific method that asks "What do you want to know"?
a) Answer b) Experiment c) Question d) conclusion
the basic unit of mass in the SI system.
a) Liter b) Gram c) meter d) nanometer
A large cloud of dust and gas in space.
a) nebula b) solar nebula c) star cluster d) planetesimal
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