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I was reading a book when my father...
a) was arriving b) arrived c) arrive d) were arriving
Last night I ....... a good film
a) was watching b) watch c) watched d) looked
What were you doing yesterday night?
a) I was playing football b) I play football c) I played football d)
I ..... my keys when I was walking home.
a) lose b) lost c) was losing d)
Did you know the answer?
a) Yes, I do b) No, I don't c) Yes, I did d)
The past simple of go is...
a) goed b) went c) goes d)
She ____ sleeping.
a) was b) were c) d)
I was cooking when my mother _______
a) come b) was coming c) came d)
The past simple of have is
a) had b) have c) d)
I ______ a book last week.
a) ate b) danced c) bought d)
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