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This word means to strengthen or sharpen
a) Intensify b) Improvise c) Breached d) Instubstantial
This word means carefully weighted or considered; intentional
a) Divisive b) Fragile c) Deliberately d) Intensify
This word means forming or expressing division
a) Deliberately b) Competent c) Breached d) Divisive
This word means having a suitable or sufficient skill; capable
a) Competent b) Intensify c) Insubstantial d) Improvise
This word means cut off from the intended destination
a) Intensify b) Improvise c) Intercept d) Insubstantial
This word means to compose or perform without practice; on the spot
a) Improvise b) Deliberately c) Divisive d) Breached
This word means to break or rupture
a) Fragile b) Breached c) Competent d) Divisive
This word means exceedingly great
a) Infinitely b) Insubstantial c) Intensify d) Intercept
This word means easily broken; shattered
a) Deliberately b) Fragile c) Improvise d) Insubstantial
This word means lacking substance; weak; flimsy
a) Breached b) Instubstantial c) Fragile d) Intensify
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