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What is the name of the longest river in Brazil?
a) The Amazon b) The Nile c) The Mississippi d) Brasilia
What continent is Brazil located on?
a) North America b) South America c) Brazil d) Europe
what kind of government does Brazil have?
a) A dictatorship b) A Direct Democracy c) Federal Republic d) A Blueberry
Name two countries that border Brazil
a) Paraguay and Bolivia b) Argentina and Mexico c) New York and New Jersey d) Peru and South Dakota
Who was Pedro Cabral?
a) The Portuguese explorer who discovered Brazil b) A Brazilian who sailed across the Atlantic c) The first president of Brazil d)
What ocean borders Brazil?
a) The Pacific b) The Artic c) The Atlantic d) The Indian
What is the capital of Brazil?
a) New York City b) Brasilia c) Los Angeles d) Rio de Janiero
Which of the following are natural resources of Brazil?
a) b) timber, latex, water, c) oil, diamonds, cocoa, strawberries d) fish, coffee, sugarcane, cocoa, rice
The name of the money used in Brazil is _______.
a) the Dollar b) the Euro c) the Real d) the dolare
What is the main language spoken in Brazil?
a) English b) Spanish c) Latin d) Portuguese
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