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During photosynthesis...
a) ATP is created during the light reactions and used during the Calvin Cycle b) ATP is created during the Calvin Cycle and used during the light reactions. c) d)
Where do the light reactions occur?
a) thylakoid b) stroma c) d)
Glucose is...
a) Broken down b) Produced c) d)
Water goes into or comes out of a chloroplast during photosynthesis.
a) goes into b) comes out of c) d)
Carbon dioxide goes into or comes out of chloroplasts during photosynthesis.
a) Goes into b) Comes out of c) d)
Oxygen goes into a chloroplast or comes out of a chloroplast during photosynthesis.
a) come out of b) goes into c) d)
Where does photosynthesis occur?
a) Chloroplast b) Mitochondria c) Ribosome d) Smooth ER
During photosynthesis carbon dioxide is...
a) used b) produced c) d)
Where does the Calvin Cycle occur?
a) Stroma b) Thylakoid c) d)
What is the correct equation for photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide + water -- glucose + oxygen b) oxygen + water -- glucose + carbon dioxide c) glucose + oxygen -- carbon dioxide + water d) carbon dioxide + oxygen -- glucose + water
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