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Convert 612 centimeters to meters.
a) 612 m b) 61.2 m c) 6.12 m d) 0.612 m
1/4 + 3/8 = _____. Reduce your answer to the lowest term.
a) 5/4 b) 1/2 c) 5/8 d) 4/8
The metric ruler is divided into _____.
a) inches and half inches b) millimetere and decimeters c) either inches and sixteenth inches d) centimeters and millimeters
Multiply 4.5 × 7.
a) 315 b) 52 c) 5.2 d) 31.5
The metric system is used to measure length, weight, volume, and _____.
a) language b) diameter c) temperature d) currency
Convert 0.86 into a fraction. Reduce to lowest terms.
a) 86/100 b) 18445 c) 43/50 d) 14/100
One sheet of drywall weighs 48.7 pounds. You have ordered 50 sheets, so your total order will weigh _____.
a) 243.5 pounds b) 2435.0 pounds c) 2532.0 pounds d) 2430.0 pounds
You have 5,814 feet of rope that you need to cut into 27-foot sections. How many sections of rope will you have?
a) 215 sections with 8 feet left over b) 215 sections with 9 feet left over c) 218 sections with 3 feet left over d) 215 sections with 3 feet left over
You need to mix 42 pounds of mortar. Each pound of mortar mix requires 0.03 liters of water. How many liters of water do you need? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth.)
a) 1.2 Liters b) 13.2 Liters c) 1.3 Liters d) 12.6 Liters
Your job as a carpenter pays $20/hour and you worked 40 hours last week. The taxes paid from your salary were $83 and $19. How much is your total check?
a) 698 b) 810 c) 912 d) 720
A room measures 12 feet by 16 feet long. What is the square footage of this room?
a) 180 b) 192 c) 48 d) 28
While the measurement of the individual angles in a triangle can vary, their sum is always _____ degrees.
a) 90 b) 45 c) 180 d) 360
A carpenter has to build an addition which needs 150 studs. Each stud costs $6.75. What is the total cost of the studs needed?
a) 1201.5 b) 1012.5 c) 101.25 d) 2101.25
You have to lay a floor for a 14-foot-square shed. The area is _____ square feet.
a) 196 b) 28 c) 19.6 d) 144
An electrician earns $25.00 per outlet he installs. The cost of material is $7.50 per outlet. A new addition needs 12 outlets installed. How much money will he earn?
a) 90 b) 390 c) 210 d) 300
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