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Synonym for: dogged
a) untiring b) wishy-washy c) faltering d) irresolute
Antonym for: amble
a) gallop b) saunter c) ramble d) run
Meaning for: an assumed name
a) alias b) dogged c) grit d) prevail
Meaning for: big and strong
a) burly b) puny c) frail d) delicate
Meaning for: To give a false or misleading account of
a) distort b) parody c) prevail d) relic
Antonym for: dumbfounded
a) unsurprised b) speechless c) stunned d) flabbergasted
Meaning for: No longer in existence
a) extinct b) still alive c) surviving d) extant
Synonym for: grit
a) dirt b) timidity c) cowardice d) faint
Meaning for: sure to happen
a) inevitable b) avoidable c) escape d) prevent
Meaning for: fixed deeply and firmly
a) ingrained b) superficial c) shallow d) skin-deep
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