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Por favor
a) Per favor b) Please c) De nada d) Thank you
words that end with the letter a are:
a) masculine b) girl c) femenine d) boy
The highest number in this list is?
a) veinticinco b) quince c) veinte d) veintiseis
S.C flag's is:
a) rojo, azul, blanco b) azul, blanco c) azul, negro d) azul, rojo
If a word has an H in Spanish what sound does it make?
a) J as in rojo b) LL as in the letter Y in English c) Silent, it is not pronounced d) CH as in CHOCOLATE
Como estas?
a) Me llamo: b) Gracias c) Abre la puerta d) bien, y tu?
ocho + dos =
a) diez b) nueve c) once d) siete
Number 5 in Spanish is?
a) cuatro b) tres c) seis d) cinco
Catorce is?
a) 13 b) 15 c) 11 d) 14
Hola Amigo
a) Hello class b) Hello Friend c) Hello d) Friend
Levanta la mano
a) Raise b) your hand c) the hand d) Raise your hand
One Spanish speaking country other than Mexico is
a) Brasil b) England c) Italy d) Peru
Abre means?
a) The door b) Close c) Open d) Open the door
a) You're welcome b) Please c) Hello d) The wrong way to pronounce Thank you
Senora Ferguson is?
a) Miss Ferguson b) Professor Ferguson c) Mrs. Ferguson d) Mr. Ferguson
What is the shortest form of goodbye in Spanish?
a) Chao b) Hola c) Adios d) Hasta Luego
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