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How do we say DANGER in Latin?
a) iter b) cubiculum c) periculum d) silentium
How do we say JOURNEY in Latin?
a) murmur b) iter c) periculum d) vehiculum
How do we say STICK in Latin?
a) cisium b) auxilium c) puella d) baculum
How do we say NAME in Latin?
a) nomen b) iter c) baculum d) plaustrum
How do we say TRACK or FOOTPRINT in Latin?
a) nomen b) vestigium c) iter d) silentium
How do we say ROOM in Latin?
a) onus b) vehiculum c) cubiculum d) periculum
How do we say RUMBLE in Latin?
a) olivetum b) cubiculum c) baculum d) murmur
How do we say HELP in Latin?
a) tempus b) auxilium c) murmur d) cisium
How do we say TIME in Latin?
a) tempus b) baculum c) plaustrum d) periculum
How do we say WAGON in Latin?
a) silentium b) murmur c) onus d) plaustrum
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