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Which of the following was a revolt against foreign influence in China?
a) French Revolution b) Boxer Rebellion c) Glorious Revolution d) Russo-Japanese War
Who wrote The Communist Manifesto and believed all aspects of an economy should be controlled by the workers?
a) Otto von Bismarck b) Adam Smith c) Karl Marx d) Emperor Meiji
Which country used direct control colonial management over Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia?
a) United States b) Great Britain c) France d) Japan
Which country used indirect control to protect its interests, including Cape Town and the Suez Canal?
a) United States b) Germany c) France d) Great Britain
During which of the following did countries fight to control Manchuria and Korea?
a) Opium War b) Battle of Verdun c) Russo-Japanese War d) Glorious Revolution
Who wrote The Wealth of Nations and believed in a free market system which included competition without government interference?
a) Otto von Bismarck b) Adam Smith c) Karl Marx d) Emperor Meiji
Which of the following involved the use of machines and new techniques to allow mass production?
a) urbanization b) the mandate system c) imperialism d) industrialization
Which of the following resisted the Sultan’s efforts to westernize the Ottoman Empire?
a) Otto von Bismarck b) Young Turks c) Emperor Meiji d) Adam Smith
Who is considered the master of real politik, or strong-handed politics, and is credited with the unification of Germany?
a) Otto von Bismarck b) Karl Marx c) Emperor Meiji d) Adam Smith
Who modernized and industrialized Japan by adapting Western ways to Japanese culture?
a) Adam Smith b) Otto von Bismarck c) Karl Marx d) Emperor Meiji
Which of the following is the growth of and migration to cities and allowed women to have more opportunities to enter the work force and help their families financially?
a) imperialism b) nationalism c) urbanization d) mass production
Which of the following means a strong nation dominating other countries politically, economically, or socially?
a) imperialism b) urbanization c) industrialization d) militarism
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