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This word means not solid or firm; weak
a) Insubstantial b) Deliberately c) Perception d) Efficiency
This word means lacking in refinement
a) Precision b) Grossly c) Rebound d) Insubstantial
This word means uncertain of meaning or expression
a) Grossly b) Obscurity c) Random d) Maneuvers
This word means the way you see something
a) Perception b) Deliberately c) Precision d) Efficiency
This word means accuracy; exactness
a) Obscurity b) Maneuvers c) Precision d) Perception
This word means a planned and regulated movements
a) Maneuvers b) Insbustantial c) Rebound d) Deliberately
This word means carefully weighed or considered
a) Deliberately b) Efficiency c) Grossly d) Obstacles
This word means to bound or spring back from force of an impact.
a) Random b) Maneuvers c) Perception d) Rebound
This word means without definite aim or purpose
a) Deliberately b) Precision c) Random d) Obscurity
This word means the ability to accomplish or complete a job.
a) Perception b) Grossly c) Efficiency d) Rebound
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