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The trash in your home and school is called
a) municipal solid waste b) recyclable trash c) refuse d) natural resources
A low level of resource use means a ____________ ecological footprint.
a) smaller b) larger c) steady d) increasing
One way fishing can be managed is through ____________, the practice of raising fish for food.
a) aquaculture b) agriculture c) mining d) logging
Which of the following is considered an inexhaustible resource?
a) sunlight b) iron c) coal d) oil
Certified wood comes from trees grown in ___________ forests.
a) sustainable b) clear cut c) selective cut d) recycled
Metals and minerals are __________________ resources.
a) nonrenewable b) renewable c) inexhaustible d) valuable
Improvements in human health contribute to ___________ human population growth.
a) increased b) decreased c) stopped d) slowed
An area with a large population of valuable ocean organisms is called a(n)
a) fishery b) aquaculture c) agriculture d) landfill
Using land to grow food crops is an example of
a) agriculture b) aquaculture c) recycling d) reducing
Which type of hazardous waste gives off radiation?
a) radioactive waste b) toxic waste c) corrosive waste d) flammable waste
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