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Refusing to buy a good or service to protest
a) Boycott b) March c) Illegal d)
Non-violent leader in India's independence movement
a) Nelson Mandela b) Martin Luther King Jr. c) Gandhi d)
Breaking the law in a peaceful way
a) Civil Unrest b) Riots c) Civil Disobedience d)
A leader of the Civil Rights movement in the U.S.
a) Martin Luther King Jr. b) Gandhi c) Nelson Mandela d)
Why did Gandhi tell his followers not to react to violence with more violence?
a) To prove that the British were wrong, and so people would side with the Indian people b) To prove that the protestors were weak c) To prove the British were right d)
Which of the following is NOT a form of civil disobedience?
a) Montgomery Bus Boycott b) Salt March c) Burning a government building in protest d)
Gandhi chose to fast in protest to violence. What does the word FAST mean?
a) To march b) To stop eating c) To gather a crowd to hear him speak d)
Martin Luther King was influenced by the non-violent teachings of
a) Nelson Mandela b) Mr. Nehru c) Gandhi d)
When Gandhi lived in South Africa, what was he protesting?
a) The mines b) The mistreatment of Indian people in South Africa c) There were few Indian lawyers d)
Why did Gandhi live and dress simply?
a) to identify with the poor and untouchables in India b) to impress his followers c) He had always dressed this way d)
What was HOMESPUN?
a) Cloth made by the British b) Cloth imported from South Africa c) Cloth made by the Indian people d)
Why did Gandhi encourage people to wear and make homespun?
a) Making cloth was a good skill to have b) To boycott British goods c) To sell to the British d)
Why were the farmers of India suffering?
a) The British charged them high amounts of rent for the land b) The British made them grow non-food items even though the Indian people were starving c) All of the above d)
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