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A pine tree is a member of which kingdom
a) Plantae b) Animalia c) Protista d) Fungi
What can you find out by working through a dichotomous key in order?
a) The identity of an organism b) How long slime mold can live c) When a species first appeared on Earth d) How many birds migrate north to south in the winter
Scientific names are based on what two languages?
a) Greek and Latin b) Spanish and English c) Latin and Spanish d) Greek and English
The scientific name of an organism comes from its
a) Genus and species names b) kingdom and phylum names c) Class and genus names d) Kingdom and class names
What is the scientific name for the common house cat?
a) Felis domesticus b) Felis c) Domesticus d) Panthera Felis
Caterpillars belong to which kingdom?
a) Animalia b) Plantae c) Fungi d) Protista
Which rank contains the largest number of organisms?
a) Class b) Species c) Order d) Genus
How is the domain rank different from the other ranks?
a) It was created more recently b) It has existed longer c) It contains fewer organisms d) It does not include animals
All animals in the phylum chordata share which characteristic
a) Spines b) Legs c) Wings d) Lungs
Lions and house cats share some common features, but cannot breed with one another. What can you infer about how they are classified?
a) They belong to the same family, but different genera and species b) They belong to the same order, but different phyla c) They belong to the same domain, but different kingdoms d) They belong to the same species, but different subspecies
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