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This word means having or showing no mercy
a) Mercilessly b) Inadequate c) Martyr d) Tactical
This word means relating to a maneuver or a plan of action
a) Holographic b) Contempt c) Tactical d) Ambitious
This word means three dimensional
a) Holographic b) Martyr c) Sullen d) Orientation
This word means a person who willingly suffers death for a belief
a) Sluggishness b) Martyr c) Amplifying d) Tactical
This word means the state of being despised; dishonor
a) Sullen b) Contempt c) Holographic d) Amplifying
This word means requiring exceptional effort
a) Ambitious b) Amplifying c) Martyr d) Tactical
This word means gloomy or dismal
a) Contempt b) Orientation c) Mercilessly d) Sullen
This word means not acting or working to full potential of energy
a) Ambitious b) Holographic c) Orientation d) Sluggishness
This word means to make larger, stronger, greater
a) Amplifying b) Holographic c) Tactical d) Ambitious
This word means to make a guess, prophecy, forecast
a) Contempt b) Sluggishness c) Orientation d) Amplifying
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