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Gilbert Newton Lewis definition for bases is:
a) they are electron pair acceptors b) they are electron acceptors c) they are electron pair donors d) they are electron donors
What do bases do when they react with acids?
a) litmus b) an explosion c) fumes d) salts
what do acids change to blue ?
a) charcoal b) litmus c) water d) phenolphtalein
bases feel
a) smooth b) cold c) sticky d) slippery
acids taste
a) sweet b) bitter c) sour d) They do not have any taste.
bases taste
a) They do not have any taste. b) sour c) bitter d) sweet
Who made this statement : acids produce H+ ions in aqueous solutions
a) John Dalton b) Svante Arrhenius c) Antoine Lavoisier d) Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted
Sulfuric acid is
a) H2S b) H2SO4 c) HNO3 d) H2SO3
a) is a base b) is an acid c) it is neutral d) neither of above
lye is
a) NH3 b) NaOH c) Ca(OH)2 d) NaH3
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