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The title of a section of an article or page
a) subheading b) pepperoni pizza c) table of contents d) diagram
picture with labels
a) subheading b) bold print c) diagram d) caption
The title of an article or page.
a) table of contents b) subheading c) diagram d) heading
Alphabetical lists of topics, important words and concepts with the page(s) on which they occur. It is found in the back of the book.
a) diagram b) bold print c) index d) subheading
Words or phrases in darker print to emphasize their importance
a) glossary b) index c) bold print d) table of contents
Authors may include a ____________ to show chronological or sequential relationships.
a) index b) timeline c) table of contents d) heading
A mini dictionary that gives the definitions of important words in the book.
a) glossary b) type (italics, fonts) c) bold print d) diagram
Text beneath a picture or graphic to describe it.
a) table of contents b) subheading c) index d) caption
An alphabetical list of important words and their meanings.
a) index b) caption c) table of contents d) glossary
A list of the parts of the book or topics and the page on which they are found.
a) Table of Contents b) glossary c) bold print d) caption
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