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This word means a young person
a) Juvenile b) Ambiguous c) Bluntly d) Taunted
This word means a demand made
a) Motivation b) Significance c) Requisitions d) Humanity
This word means to lose your bearings
a) Classified b) Humanity c) Bluntly d) Disorientation
This word means all human beings together
a) Humanity b) Classified c) Junvenile d) Taunted
This word means having a meaning
a) Significance b) Taunted c) Motivation d) Disorientation
This word means to reproach in a sarcastic. insulting way.
a) Ambiguous b) Taunted c) Humanity d) Bluntly
This word means having several meanings; unclear
a) Juvenile b) Bluntly c) Ambiguous d) Classified
This word means having a strong reason to act in a certain way.
a) Motivation b) Ambiguous c) Taunted d) Bluntly
This word means available only to authorized persons
a) Requisitions b) Bluntly c) Classified d) Juvenile
This word means abrupt in manner; straight forward.
a) Humanity b) Taunted c) Ambiguous d) Bluntly
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