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A chemical combination of two or more elements into a single substance is a (n)
a) compound. b) metal. c) molecule. d) nucleus.
A pure substance that cannot be broken down into anything simpler is a(n)
a) compound b) element. c) molecule. d) nucleus.
The dense center part of an atom is its
a) molecule. b) neutron. c) nucleus. d) protron.
Each different substance has its own boiling temperature called the
a) melting point. b) freezing point. c) liquefying point. d) boiling point.
A particle outside the nucleus of an atom is a (n)
a) proton. b) electron. c) insulate. d) molecule.
A material that does not readily permit heat to flow through it is a material that
a) insulates. b) conducts. c) measures. d) weighs.
A measure of the force of gravity between Earth and an object is its
a) density. b) mass. c) volume. d) weight.
A charged particle in the nucleus of the atom is a (n)
a) electron. b) molecule. c) proton. d) neutron.
The amount of matter in an object is called its
a) density. b) mass. c) volume. d) weight.
The amount of mass contained in a given volume is its
a) buoyancy. b) density. c) insulation. d) weight.
The amount of space an object takes up is its
a) density. b) mass. c) volume. d) weight.
A group of more than one atom joined together that acts like a single particle is a(n)
a) neutron. b) metal. c) molecule. d) nucleus.
The smallest unit of an element that still has the properties of the element is a (n)
a) atom. b) compound. c) molecule. d) nucleus.
Any of the forms matter can exist in is what is called a(n)
a) change of matter. b) molecule. c) periodic. d) state of matter.
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