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Something that affects some thing else (e.g., cold weather causes birds to migrate)
a) factor b) characteristics c) decomposer d) function
The purpose or job of something
a) decomposer b) function c) rotation d) revolution
When an object moves around another object (clue: the earth revolves around the sun)
a) factor b) rotation c) revolution d) characteristics
Solar, light, heat, electrical, sound, mechanical (movement), chemical (food, battery, fuel) are examples of these
a) factor b) function c) life cycles d) energy forms
The name for animals that are eaten by other animals
a) predator b) prey c) decomposer d) function
To adjust to new conditions
a) precipitation b) energy forms c) adapt d) environment
The definition for when energy is changed from one form to another. Example: chemical (battery) to electricity to light and heat (flashlight)
a) revolution b) function c) environment d) energy transformation
Characteristics that can only be passed onto offspring from parents (e.g. your eye color, an animal's fur color, freckles)
a) inherited trait b) migration c) hibernate d) property
To scatter in different directions
a) adapt b) disperse c) life cycles d) characteristics
The stages a living thing goes through during its life (e.g., seed - sapling - tree or egg - larva - pupa - adult)
a) predators b) property c) life cycles d) prey
This shows the flow of energy in a community. (Clue: energy begins with the sun and producers - plants)
a) food chain b) characteristics c) nutrients d) property
Animals that eat other animals are called
a) migration b) disperse c) prey d) predators
Substances in food that living things use for energy, growth, and life are called
a) hibernate b) nutrients c) rotation d) revolution
The spin of an object around its own axis. (Clue: because the earth does this, we have night and day)
a) revolution b) rotation c) property d) inherited trait
A description that helps to explain or identify something
a) characteristics b) property c) prey d) decomposer
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