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Nothing is free so you need money to build a system. Money is an example of
a) input b) output c) process d) system design
_________ is most useful when each facet of its creative design is carefully considered such as its inputs, process, output, and feedback
a) technology b) ouput c) system design d) ideas
Which of the following is not an example of an input
a) music b) people c) time d) energy
Using all (or a portion) of the information from the output of a system to control the inputs or processes, or to modify the output
a) feedback b) input c) output d) process
The results of the operation of any system; includes the finished product
a) output b) feedback c) input d) system design
The study of the natural world through observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanations
a) process b) ingredients c) observation d) input
Something put into a system, such as resources, in order to achieve a result
a) input b) output c) process d) feedback
A set of related parts; Together, they form a whole, designed to accomplish some purpose
a) system b) subsytem c) assembly d) input
troubleshooting is an example of
a) output b) feedback c) input d) process
a finished cake is an example of
a) output b) input c) process d) system design
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