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The brain stem is approximately
a) 1.5 inches long b) 3 inches long c) 2 inches long d) 2.5 inches long
The region of the diencephalon that is a relay station for the information that is heading toward the sensory area of the parietal lobe is the
a) thalamus b) hypothalamus c) medulla oblongata d) epithalamus
The medulla oblongata is partially responsible for
a) heart rate b) sleeping patterns c) reflexes d) body temperature
The tiny canal that travels through the midbrain is called the
a) corpus callosum b) cerebral peduncles c) cerebral aqueduct d) cerebral aqueduct
The cerebellum is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT
a) heart rate b) balance c) posture d) positioning the body
The lobe of the cerebrum that is responsible for thinking, planning, and creating is the
a) frontal lobe b) parietal lobe c) occipital lobe d) temporal lobe
The raised ridge found in the frontal lobe that is just before the central gyrus is known as the
a) postcentral gyrus b) precentral gyrus c) somatic area d) Broca's area
Which of the following is NOT a region of the interbrain?
a) thalamus b) hypothalamus c) innerthalamus d) epithalamus
The region of the diencephalon that plays a role in water balance and metabolism is the
a) pons b) thalamus c) pineal body d) hypothalamus
The cell bodies of neurons that are found on the outermost part of the cerebrum are collectively known as
a) gray matter b) white matter c) basal nuclei d) basal ganglia
The fiver that connects the hemispheres and allows them to communicate with one another is the
a) medulla oblongata b) thalamus c) hypothalamus d) corpus callosum
The specialized area found on the left side of the brain that gives us our ability to speak is known as the
a) motor area b) Broca's area c) corpus collasum d) thalamus
The grove that separates the temporal lobe from the other lobes is the
a) lateral sulcus b) central sulcus c) precentral gyrus d) parieto-occipital sulcus
The lobe of the cerebrum that aids in hearing is the
a) temporal b) frontal c) parietal d) occipital
The cerebral hemispheres are separated by a deep fissure called the
a) central sulci b) lateral sulcus c) longitudinal fissure d) precentral gyrus
Which of the following is NOT one of hte four major regions of the brain?
a) cerebral hemisphere b) thalamus c) diencephalon d) brain stem
The largest region of the brain is the
a) brain stem b) cerebellum c) diencephalon d) cerebrum
The elevated ridges of tissue on the cerebrum are called
a) gyri b) sulci c) lobes d) fissures
The shallow groves of tissue on the cerebrum
a) fissures b) lobes c) gyri d) sulci
Which of the following is NOT a lobe of the cerebrum?
a) occipital b) peripheral c) frontal d) temporal
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