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To evaluate your product --
a) Conduct alpha and beta tests b) Put your product on the market c) Perform an audience analysis d) Perform a need/benefit analysis
Focus groups are a useful tool in market research. A focus group is usually composed of:
a) Media analysts b) Creative, talented multimedia developers c) A segment of the potential audience d) Product manager, art director, and programmer
The five steps in project creation in order are
a) Design, Implement, Evaluate, Analyze, Develop b) Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate c) Implement, Analyze, Evaluate, Design, Develop d) Evaluate, Implement, Analyze, Develop, Design
In multimedia development, in-house testing is usually done during
a) Alpha testing b) Beta testing c) Prototyping d) Story Boarding
A working model of the conceptual design for a multimedia project is called
a) A story board b) A transition effect c) An animation d) A prototype
A scene-by-scene plan of the multimedia project is a
a) story board b) prototype c) contract d) product spec
The function of a first depth prototype in the development of a multimedia project serves to:
a) convert online course material to CD ROM b) convert CD ROM material to an online format c) set project expectations for the course motif, color scheme, navigation, content, and activities d) establish procedures for course documentation
What should be conducted to determine common characteristics such as age, gender, experience, ethnic and culture background among the target audience?
a) audience profile b) cost analysis c) usability analysis d) needs profile
In instructional design what is the gap between where the learner is and where he is expected to be.
a) prototype b) metaphor c) need d) variance
A visual document depicting the style layout, actions, navigation, and interactivity of individual screens in a multimedia course is called a:
a) prototype b) storyboard c) alpha test d) beta test
The ADDIE model is a typical instructional design model. The letters in the ADDIE model stand for:
a) Analyze, Develop, Debrief, Instruct, Evaluate b) Assess, Design, Develop, Implement, Examine c) Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate. d) Assess, Develop, Distribute, Implement, Evaluate.
What is the preliminary version of your multimedia project that a SME or client can review?
a) Alpha b) Beta c) Prelim d) Market
Which version of your multimedia project is tested by a sample target audience before releasing it to the software market?
a) Alpha test b) Beta test c) Prelim test d) Market test
In planning the targeted audience for your multimedia project on photography, which of the following questions would you least likely ask your participants?:
a) age of audience b) gender of audience c) music preferences d) food preferences
Planning the flow and design of a multimedia project called:
a) storyboarding b) beta testing c) digitizing d) prototyping
One important member of the multimedia planning team is the SME. This person’s job is to:
a) Design the storyboard. b) Check the subject matter and information for accuracy. c) Create the graphics d) Test the functionality of the program
Which area usually takes the longest in the production of a multimedia project?
a) Pre-production-planning, gathering content and audience profile. b) Authoring or creating program. c) Testing and fixing bugs on final program. d) Mastering and packaging.
The member of a multimedia development team who knows a subject area intimately and helps find and select materials to include in the product is called:
a) A content expert b) A graphic designer c) The client d) The producer
A working model of the conceptual design for a multimedia project is called:
a) A story board b) A transition effect c) An animation d) The prototype
Storyboards are part of
a) Post-production b) Production c) Pre-production d) Evaluation
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