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What does the color of a star mean?
a) distance away b) size c) age d) the temperature
What is a black hole?
a) dense masses with strong gravity that doesn't allow any radiation to escape b) space between objects in space c) a large hole in the middle of space d) a spot in space where everything came from
What type of galaxy has mostly young stars?
a) open galaxy b) elliptical galaxy c) spiral galaxy d) irregular galaxy
Where are stars formed?
a) in a nebula b) from other stars c) black holes d) from explosions
How do scientists think the universe was created?
a) a star exploded and created everything else b) aliens put the planets and stars in place c) something crashed into the sun and created the planets d) from an explosion 13.7 billion years ago
What is Hubble's Law?
a) law that states the universe was created from a big explosion 13.7 billion years ago b) that there is dark energy in the universe c) law that states the farther away a galaxy it is, the faster it is moving away d) law that explains how the Hubble Telescope stays in space
What is the next step for our Sun in its life span?
a) Red Giant b) White Dwarf c) Supernova d) Black Hole
What element was first created in the Universe?
a) Nitrogen b) Helium c) Oxygen d) Hydorgen
Why do satellites stay in orbit?
a) gas b) the sun c) gravity d) magnetic field
What layer of Earth includes all the water?
a) Chromosphere b) Lithospere c) Biosphere d) Hydrosphere
Which is NOT a layer on the Sun?
a) Chromosphere b) LIthosphere c) Corona d) Photoshpere
What is the largest object in our Solar System?
a) Milky Way Galaxy b) The Sun c) Jupiter d) Black Hole
Which of the following planets are NOT outer planets?
a) Jupiter b) Neptune c) Mars d) Saturn
Which of the following planets are NOT inner planets?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Mercury d) Neptune
What type of telescope uses bent lenses to focus light?
a) reflecting telescope b) refracting telescope c) radio telescope d) space telescope
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