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What are the reactants of cellular respiration?
a) Carbon Dioxide & Water & Energy b) Glucose & Carbon Dioxide c) Glucose & Oxygen d) Oxygen & Water & Energy
ATP provides the ________________ for the cell?
a) energy b) water c) food d) protection
Which of the following does not store energy that can be used by living things?
a) Lipids b) Carbon Dioxide c) Carbohydrates d) Proteins
Which of the following polymers is correctly paired with its monomer?
a) Proteins - monosaccharides b) Carbohydrates - amino acids c) Polysaccharides - oxygen d) Fats - fatty acids
Where does the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain occur?
a) The mitochondria. b) The nucleus. c) The cell membrane. d) The ribosomes.
What is cellular respiration?
a) The process of breaking down food. b) The process of making proteins. c) The process of breaking the bonds of ATP to make glucose. d) The process of breaking bonds in food monomers and transforming that energy into ATP.
What are the three phases of cellular respiration?
a) Krebs Cycle, Respiration, Digestion b) Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport Chain c) Glycolysis, Digestion, Electron Transprot Chain d) Replication, Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle
What is released when ATP loses a phosphate group?
a) Water b) Hydrogen c) Energy d) Glucose
Which of the following DOES NOT use ATP?
a) Active Transport b) Water diffusing across the cell membrane. c) DNA polymerase making copies of DNA d) Contraction of muscle fibers
What are the products of cellular respiration?
a) Glucose and Oxygen b) Glucose, Carbon Dioxide and Energy c) Water, Carbon Dioxide, and Energy d) Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Water
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