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What do you call a text of a song?
a) lyrics b) lynics c) listens d) subtitles
This picture is very ____. It looks like a real one!
a) like-life b) life-life c) life-like d) like-like
The USA stands ____ the United States of America.
a) on b) off c) from d) for
We must get ____ a simple fact that drugs are unhealthy.
a) about b) across c) on d) out
I wanted to go to Uniwersytet Warszawski, but they turned me ____.
a) down b) up c) on d) out
This funny fashion of boys wearing rurki has caught ___.
a) up b) on c) out d) off
Which word is different?
a) strange b) weird c) cello d) bizzare
This film doesn't make sense! It's _____.
a) pointy b) pointless c) pointful d) pointout
This classroom is ____. There are too many people inside!
a) overcrowded b) undercrowded c) upcrowded d) highcrowded
Ula is _____. She always wears a scarf in the winter.
a) burglar b) remain c) unknown d) sensible
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