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Spending money to earn money is known as -
a) working b) stealing c) investing d) retiring
By the 1900's most businesses in Latin America were ___________________
a) highly localized b) large and powerful c) foreign companies d) large and in charge
The word economy refers to -
a) how a countries goods and services are produced and delivered to the people b) how much money a government has c) the pressure to earn more money d) none of these
Although foreign companies made huge profits in Latin America -
a) they did a great deal to help the local economy b) they did little to help the local economy c) they sought to steal from the people d) they gave to charity
Many Latin American countries began -
a) manufacturing their own goods b) not doing anything to help their economy c) stealing from other countries d) none of these
What's was one of the primary reason that many Latin American companies began spending more money than they earned?
a) drought b) floods c) rising oil prices d) lowering oil prices
In the 1980's many Latin American companies were in debt, why?
a) borrowing money from foreign countries b) because they laid off too many workers c) civil war d) bad leadership
The two countries with the most foreign debt are -
a) Eduador and Uruguay b) Chile'and Peru c) Venezuela and Colombia d) Brazil and Argentina
Some of the ways people in Latin America dealt with increasing foreign debt was -
a) building more factories b) going to war against foreign countries c) growing different crops d) both 1 and 3
Many Latin American countries now -
a) operating idependently b) cooporate with one another c) make a lot of money d) have closed down
Much of the farmland in Latin America is -
a) leased to poor families b) owned by wealthy families c) barren and desolate d) all of these
Campesinos are -
a) camping expeditions b) Latin American cowboys c) poor farmers d) rich farmers
Brazil gave land to landless peasants, but where is the land?
a) Amazonian rain forest b) Peruvian mountains c) Amazon river d) Venezuela
The peasants who have moved the rainforest are -
a) growing new crops b) burning down the trees c) making a lot of money d) starving
Many Latin American cities have grown because -
a) Campesinos have moved there b) Wealthy families have moved there c) Foreigners have moved their d) all of these
Land that is made up of mostly countryside is called -
a) urban b) rural c) deciduous d) tropical
City areas of Latin America are called-
a) urban b) rural c) suburban d) tropical
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