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_______________________ obtain their food from dead organic matter or the body of another organism.
a) Photosynthetic Protists b) Chemosynthetic Protists c) Funguslike Protists d) Photoplankton
Animal-like protists are also known as ___________________.
a) Protozoa b) Algae c) hyphae d) spores
Multicellular fungi are made up of chains of cells called _________________.
a) mycelium b) hyphae c) spores d) lichens
The major part of the fungus is the ______________________.
a) hyphae b) mycelium c) body d) flagella
Yeasts, powdery mildews, truffles and morels are examples of _________________.
a) lichens b) fungi c) slime molds d) hyphae
Which of the following is not a plantlike protist?
a) a ciliate b) a diatom c) a dinoflagellate d) a euglena
Club Fungi produce special hyphae that develop
a) penicillin b) basidia c) sacs d) sporangia
___________ can be found in water, in melting snow, on tree trunks, and inside living organisms.
a) green algae b) red algae c) brown algae d) diatoms
Euglenas and ciliates have a special structure called a _________________ that collects and removes excess water from the cell.
a) chloroplast b) flagella c) contractile vacuole d) nucleus
Which animal-like protist causes malaria?
a) Giardia lamblia b) paramecium c) plasmodium vivax d) trypanosoma
How do amoebas move?
a) cilia b) flagella c) plasmagel d) pseudo-pods
Where is brown algae found?
a) hot springs b) salty lakes c) cool water d) dry land
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about fungi?
a) Fungi are consumers b) All fungi are multicellulal c) All fungi are made up of eukaryotic cells d) Many fungi are decomposers
All parasites absorb nutrients from their hosts
a) True b) False c) d)
Are protists eukaryotic or prokaryotic
a) Eukaryotic b) Prokaryotic c) Both d)
How do fungi reproduce?
a) Sexually b) Asexually c) Both sexually and asexually d)
Lichens only need what to grow?
a) air b) light c) minerals d) all of the above
Lichens do not absorb water and minerals
a) True b) False c) d)
What might a slime mold eat?
a) yeast b) bacteria c) decaying plants and animals d) all of the above
How do protists reproduce?
a) sexually b) asexually c) fission d) all of the above
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