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Identify the object of the preposition: Joey likes the red basketball shoes at the Nike store the best!
a) store b) Nike c) best d) Joey
Identify the preposition: He flirted with the girl.
a) flirted b) girl c) with d) He
Identify the preposition: I wanted to go home, but the nurse said I couldn't.
a) I b) go c) home d) to
Identify the prepositional phrase: I live on Whippoorwill Dr.
a) on Whippoorwill Dr. b) live on c) Whippoorwill Dr. d) I live on
Identify the preposition: The teacher went to the principals office Friday afternoon.
a) Friday b) to c) teacher d) principal's
Identify the object of the preposition: There is no substitute for hard work.
a) is b) substitute c) no d) work
Identify the prepositional phrase: The bird flew above the toy helicopter.
a) The bird flew b) above the toy helicopter c) the toy d) flew above the
Identify the object of the preposition: She drives the bus from downtown everyday.
a) downtown b) She c) drives d) bus
Identify the prepositional phrase: They ate all of the tomatoes.
a) They ate b) all of the c) of the tomatoes d) the tomatoes
Identify the object of the preposition: Jim left the apple inside the fruit drawer.
a) drawer b) Jim c) left d) inside
Identify the object of the preposition: The student of the month is Kandice.
a) Kandice b) student c) of d) month
Identify the object of the preposition: Cindy doesn't like to walk into a haunted place.
a) Cindy b) into c) walk d) place
Identify the preposition: She went home from the store.
a) She b) went c) from d) store
Identify the preposition: Jennifer and I love stargazing and are going on the building.
a) are b) on c) going d) building
Identify the preposition: Marcus drove around Columbia today.
a) Today b) Columbia c) drove d) around
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