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giving aninals or objects human-like characteristics
a) personification b) hyperbole c) alliteration d) narrative
a single line of poetry
a) verse b) stanza c) lyric d) narrative
a group of verses (similar to a paragraph)
a) stanza b) metaphor c) onomatopoeia d) hyperbole
a type of poetry that is short and song-like
a) lyric b) simile c) metaphor d) verse
a long poem that tells a story
a) narrative b) simile c) personification d) verse
a series of words that begin with the same sound
a) alliteration b) narrative c) simile d) metaphor
a comparison that uses the words like or as
a) simile b) metaphor c) onomatopoeia d) hyperbole
words that make their spund (buzz, zip, etc.)
a) onomatopoeia b) metaphor c) verse d) narrative
an extreme exaggeration
a) hyperbole b) metaphor c) alliteration d) simile
a comparison that does not use like or as
a) metaphor b) simile c) hyperbole d) verse
I never stopped talking, so Mrs. Wall said I have told you a million times to stop talking. She wrote a million page letter to my parents and now my mom is going to kill me! Whatevs, I have a ton of chores to do and Im so hungry I could eat a horse.
a) hyperbole b) lyric c) verse d) stanza
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