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Water left over from photosynthesis passes out of the stomata by __________
a) stomata b) pigment c) chemical reaction d) transpiration
Sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide are used during the process of __________
a) photosynthesis b) chlorophyll c) phloem d) pigment
When hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide to make sugar, a __________ has occurred
a) chemical reaction b) chemical energy c) chlorophyll d) transpiration
During the process of ___________, a plant uses sugar to get energy
a) stomata b) transpiration c) pigment d) chemical reaction
Plant leaves look green because chlorophyll is a green ____________
a) pigment b) stomata c) xylem d) phloem
Sugar is carried from the leaves to the other parts of the pant by __________
a) stomata b) phloem c) xylem d) pigment
Water travels from the plant stem to the leaves through _________
a) pigment b) stomata c) phloem d) xylem
During respiration, the _________ stored in the sugar is released
a) pigment b) chemical reaction c) chemical energy d) phloem
the substance that captures sunlight energy for photosynthesis is __________
a) stomata b) phloem c) xylem d) chlorophyll
Gases pass in and out of leaves through the ___________
a) xylem b) stomata c) phloem d) pigment
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