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Pony has to go to the movies alone because...
a) no one else could go. b) Pony believes no one else likes movies the way he does. c) Pony thought he would meet someone there. d)
According to Soda, he dropped out of school because...
a) he's dumb. b) he needed to work for Pony's sake. c) he wanted to prove he could hold a job. d)
Pony was embarrassed when Dally started talking to the girls at the drive-in because...
a) they were not greasy girls. b) they were older girls. c) they were related to Two-Bit. d)
Dally let Johnny tell him to stop pestering Cherry and Marcia because...
a) Dally always took Johnny's advice. b) Johnny was the gangs pet. c) Johnny is tougher than Dally. d)
When Two-Bit comes up behind Pony and Johnny at the drive-in, Johnny feels...
a) silly. b) frightened. c) happy. d)
Cherry and Pony
a) tell each other things they couldn't tell others. b) become best buddies. c) leave the drive in together. d)
Johnny and Pony dream of a place...
a) where they wouldn't have to go to school. b) where they could make lots of money. c) without Greaser's and Soc's. d)
When Pony gets home late, Dally...
a) tells Pony to go to bed. b) hits Pony when they argue. c) gets mad at Pony for not doing his chores. d)
After Bob is murdered, Dally...
a) takes Johnny and Pony to a place to sleep. b) tells Johnny and Pony to disguise themselves. c) gives Johnny and Pony money and tells them where to hide. d)
When Pony gets to the country, he knows he won't like it much as the thought because
a) he has to hide and can't see anyone. b) there are more people than he thought living there. c) it turns out that some Soc's live there. d)
pausing because you are forgetful or uncertain.
a) rivalry b) hastily c) resignedly d) hesitation
brave, noble
a) gallant b) reputation c) rank d) apprehension
fearful or worried
a) resignedly b) defiance c) apprehensive d)
giving in without complaint
a) resignedly b) rivalry c) rank d)
a competition
a) reputation b) rivalry c) gallant d)
done or made in a hurry
a) suspicious b) hastily c) defiance d)
characteristic of a person as seen by others , how other people see someone
a) hastily b) suspicious c) reputation d)
showing distrust
a) suspicious b) gallant c) rank d)
open refusal to obey
a) defiance b) suspicious c) hesitation d)
having a bad smell or taste
a) resignedly b) defiance c) rank d)
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