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Ability of a substance to dissolve in water. This property is used to create solutions.
a) Mixture b) Solution c) Soluble d) Dissolve
A material that does NOT allow energy to pass through it.
a) Conductor b) Insulator c) Metal d) Flammable
A measure of the pull of gravity. Spring scales are used to measure the pull of gravity.
a) Density b) Matter c) Mass d) Weight
Back and forth movement that causes heat and sound
a) Elastic b) Vibration c) Flexible d) Texture
Ability to attract iron, nickel, and cobalt
a) Luster b) Flexible c) Buoyancy d) Magnetism
A combination of two or more things that keep their own properties
a) Mixture b) Soluble c) Dissolve d) Solution
The ability to float
a) Density b) Buoyancy c) Dissolve d) Weight
The ability to bend back and forth without breaking
a) Elastic b) Flammable c) Flexible d) Vibration
A process when a solid mixes evenly with a liquid
a) Mixture b) Soluble c) Dissolve d) Solution
A material that allows energy to go through it
a) Conductor b) Plastic c) Sand d) Insulator
The way something feels.
a) Flexible b) Texture c) Elastic d) Luster
A special mixture created when two substances mix together evenly and share properties
a) Dissolve b) water c) Mixture d) Solution
How shiny things are.
a) Luster b) Dull c) Texture d) Reflect
Ability to burn.
a) Texture b) Flexible c) Hot d) Flammable
How much matter there is in a given volume. It determine buoyancy.
a) Density b) Mass c) Volume d) Weight
The ability to stretch
a) Flexible b) Texture c) Elastic d) Luster
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