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Wetlands help control flooding by
a) absorbing runoff from heavy rains b) collecting water behind dams c) providing natural water filtration d) quickly releasing water
A green film of algae in a fish talk is an example of the early stages of
a) lake turnover b) eutrophication c) erosion d) deposition
What seasonal change refreshes the supply of nutrients in a lake?
a) erosion b) deposition c) lake turnover d) eutrophication
A lake that stores water for human use is called a
a) dam b) reservoir c) oxbow lake d) pond
Scientists are working to preserve the Everglades wetlands because
a) they make good farmland b) many endangered species live there c) many people live there d) they increase flooding in nearby areas
A lake can be formed in all of the following ways except by
a) water collecting in a depression from melting ice b) water filling the crater of a volcano c) a dam blocking the flow of water d) water flowing quickly through a narrow channel
Rivers wear away rock and soil through
a) runoff b) gravity c) deposition d) erosion
An increase in the amount of water in a river usually causes the river to
a) flow faster b) flow more slowly c) become shallower d) deposit sediment
The land area that supplies water to a river system is called a
a) tributary b) watershed c) divide d) stream
Runoff is rainfall that
a) evaporates immediately q b) soaks into the soil c) flows over the ground surface d) falls directly into the ocean
The ice sheet that covers Greenland is one form of a
a) glacier b) iceberg c) levee d) wetland
A glacier forms when
a) rainfall on a mountainside freezes b) heavy layers of snow become solid ice c) an iceberg collides with the land d) a river freezes
The underwater part of an iceberg is a hazard to ships because it is
a) more jagged than the visible part b) made of harder ice than the visible part c) often much wider than the visible part d) not always attached to the visible part
Icebergs form when
a) the end of a glacier reaches the coast and breaks off b) a large amount of ocean water freezes c) snowfall over the ocean accumulates for days d) a volcano on the ocean floor erupts
Materials that allow water to easily pass through them are
a) permeable b) impermeable c) saturated d) unsaturated
A type of hot spring where water bursts into the air periodically.
a) artesian well b) aquifer c) water table d) geyser
Which of the following does not affect the amount of runoff?
a) whether the land is flat or hilly b) the nature of the ground surface c) the distance from the ocean that the rain falls d) the rate of rainfall
The many small streams that come together at the source of a river are called the
a) mouths b) divides c) headwaters d) deltas
A crescent-shaped body of water next to a river is most likely a(n)
a) flood plain b) oxbow lake c) delta d) tributary
Which of the following is not a type of freshwater wetland?
a) marsh b) bog c) lake d) swamp
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