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Which dinosaur had three horns on its head?
a) Triceratops b) Tyrannosaurus rex c) Compsognathus d) Dilophosaurus
A dinosaur had a small head, small mouth, and flat teeth. What did this plant eat?
a) Plants b) Fish c) Birds d) Bugs
A dinosaur had a big mouth and sharp teeth. What did this plant eat?
a) Meat b) Bugs c) Grass d) Flowers
What do you call animals that lived long ago and are now extinct?
a) dinosaurs b) extinct c) ancient d) endangered
What do you call a plant or animal that no longer lives on Earth?
a) extinct b) ancient c) endangered d) dinosaur
When a fossil of a lizard is formed, what happens after the lizard dies?
a) The lizard is covered by sand and mud b) The sand and mud become rock c) The lizard becomes frozen d) Lava hardens into the shape of a lizard
What do you call scientists who study fossils?
a) Paleontologists b) Pathologist c) Archeologist d) Meteorologist
What is a print or remains of a plant or animal that lived long ago?
a) fossil b) rock c) dinosaur d) bones
What does an Archaeopteryx look like?
a) Birds b) Lizards c) Aligators d) Dogs
Which of the following is an extinct plant that looks like a tree?
a) Archaeopteris b) Iguanodon c) Compsognathus d) Dilophosaurus
What natural resource do people drink and use to clean and cook?
a) water b) air c) plants d) minerals
What can people do to help the animals that lived where the homes in the picture were built?
a) make a refuge b) cut down trees c) build more houses d) recycle bottles and cans
What are all rocks made of?
a) minerals b) sand c) water d) plants
What kinds of things are added to land, water, and air when pollution happens?
a) harmful b) helpful c) recylced d) beautiful
Long ago a leaf fell to the bottom of a lake. Mud and sand covered the leaf. The mud and sand changed into rock after many years. What did the leaf become?
a) a fossil b) extinct c) a dinosaur d) a paleontologist
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