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A force created by a magnet
a) Magnetism b) Gravity c) Push d) Pull
To speed up
a) Acceleration b) Distance c) Motion d) Attract
An objects location
a) Position b) Acceleration c) Distance d) Motion
Object at rest stays at rest until acted upon by another force, object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force
a) Inertia b) Magnetism c) Gravity d) Friction
Force created when 2 objects rub together and causes resistance
a) Friction b) Force c) Repel d) Inertia
The course along which something moves
a) Direction b) Position c) Distance d) Acceleration
A push or a pull
a) Force b) Friction c) Magnetism d) Motion
Length of travel by an object
a) Distance b) Repel c) Position d) Gravity
The pull of the Earth
a) Gravity b) Motion c) Push d) Attract
a) Motion b) Friction c) Intertia d) Attract
To come together
a) Attract b) Repel c) Distance d) Acceleration
To push away
a) Repel b) Attract c) Distance d) Position
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