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Identify the name of a stable intensity
a) Forte b) Crescendo c) Decrescendo d) Sforzando
Identify the name of a variable intensity
a) Piano b) Mezzo-forte c) Forte d) Sforzando
Quality indicating whether a sound is loud or soft
a) Decibel b) Intensity c) Pitch d) Volume
Word indicating the general intensity of a musical composition
a) Sforzando b) Decrescendo c) Dynamics d) Forte
An indication in music dynamics
a) Marking b) Decrescendo c) Crescendo d) Sforzando
Dynamic volumen marking indicating a gradual increase in intensity
a) Decrescendo b) Crescendo c) Forte d) Sforzando
Gradually getting softer
a) Forte b) Decrescendo c) Sforzando d) Crescendo
Getting louder and then getting softer
a) Sforzando b) Decrescendo c) Double hairpin d) Crescendo
Which one indicate a gradual dynamic p – ff pp – ff mf – f p - fff
a) p – ff b) pp – ff c) p - fff d) mf – f
La danza de la Molinera´s composer
a) Manuel de Falla b) Leonard Bernstein c) Maurice Ravel d) Igor Stravinsky
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