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What was one reason pioneers started to move west?
a) They wanted new houses. b) They wanted cheap farmland. c) They wanted to fish. d) They wanted to make new friends.
I made westward trails through the Appalachian Mountains.
a) Daniel Boone b) Meriwether Lewis c) Zebulon Pike d)
What did the Americans call the idea that is was their God-given right to claim and settle lands from coast to coast?
a) Westward Law b) Louisiana Purchase c) Indian Removal Act d) Manifest Destiny
I was sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the westward lands.
a) Lewis and Clark b) Zebulon Pike c) Daniel Boone d) Sacagawea
Which of the following were economic reasons for moving west?
a) Fur trading b) Gold c) Established cities and towns d) All of the above
I explored the southwestern regions of the United States and discovered that it was a desert.
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Lewis and Clark c) Zebulon Pike d) Daniel Boone
When we began moving west, whose land did the settlers take?
a) Native Americans b) African Americans c) Asian Americans d) No one was living on the land they settled on.
I bought the Louisiana Purchase from France for $15 million.
a) Zebulon Pike b) Napolean Bonaparte c) Meriwether Lewis d) Thomas Jefferson
There is a mountain peak named after me in Colorado to honor the land I settled in the west.
a) Daniel Boone b) Zebulon Pike c) Meriwether Lewis d) William Clark
My major trail was called the Wilderness Trail.
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Napolean Bonaprte c) Daniel Boone d) William Clark
In what city did the journey West begin for many settlers?
a) Independence, Missouri b) Independence, Montana c) Independence, South Carolina d) Independence, Idaho
I was Lewis and Clark's guide through the Louisiana Purchase.
a) Salamanda b) Sacagawea c) Sacrowea d) Saclagagea
We looked for a continuous water supply route connecting northeast to the northwest.
a) Daniel Boone b) Zebulon Pike c) Lewis and Clark d) Thomas Jefferson
Why were our expeditions important to the Americans?
a) We brought slavery to the west. b) We wanted to have good relationship with the Native Indians. c) We opened the lands west to further settlement. d) Nothing, our expeditions were not important.
I made treaties with the Native Americans.
a) Zebulon Pike b) William Clark c) Sacagawea d) Daniel Boone
I brought back information about the Native Americans in the west region.
a) Zebulon Pike b) Daniel Boone c) Lewis and Clark d)
I established the first United States settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.
a) William Clark b) Daniel Boone c) Zebulon Pike d) Davy Crocket
What did the Westward Explorers do to help the growth of America?
a) They explored the middle part of the United States of America. b) They made trails for future pioneers. c) All of the above d) None of the above
On the map, which trail was the longest?
a) Oregon Trail b) Santa Fe Trail c) California Trail d)
Who started the Santa Fe Trail as a trading route for the Americans?
a) Zebulon Pike b) Meriwether Lewis c) William Becknell d) Daniel Boone
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