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Which explorer attempted to circumnavigate the world?
a) Columbus b) da Gama c) Magellan d) Dias
Which of the following were foods brought to the Old World during the Columbian Exchange?
a) potatoes and peaches b) wheat and rice c) bananas and corn d) potatoes and corn
What negative impact did the Columbian Exchange have on the New World?
a) New foods were introduced b) 10% of population died from disease c) 90% of population died from disease d)
What was a motivating factor for the European Nations to explore and settle new lands?
a) opportunity to spread Christianity b) lack of adventure c) to escape the heat of London d) to start new languages
What was the Columbian Exchange?
a) The revival of Greek and Roman ideas. b) The exchange of plants, animals, disease and technology between the Old and New Worlds c) Columbus's attempt to rid the world of disease by immunizing the people of the Americas. d)
What country sponsored a voyage to claim settlements in North America?
a) Spain b) Portugal c) Brazil d) England
Why did Columbus sail west?
a) to find America b) to find a quicker route to India c) to spread Christianity d) to escape poverty
Which explorer was the first to set sail from Portugal to India?
a) Prince Henry the Navigator b) da Gama c) Dias d) Columbus
Which country funded both Magellan and Columbus?
a) Germany b) Italy c) Lebanon d) Spain
Which country developed a successful fur trade?
a) Chad b) Canada c) France d) Italy
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