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How do sedimentary rocks form?
a) Molten rock cooling and hardening on the inside of Earth b) Several layers of sediments getting cemented together c) Rocks changing from one form into another d) Molten rock cooling and hardening on the outside of Earth
What are small fragments of rock called?
a) ores b) coal c) clastic d) sediments
Rocks that form when magma cools
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) organic
Which rock changes form?
a) igneous b) sedimentary c) metamorphic d) clastic
What type of sedimanmtary rock is coal?
a) clastic b) chemical c) organic d) intrusive
_________ is not one of the three main types of rocks
a) igneous b) extrusive c) sedimentary d) metamorphic
This is how metamorphic rock forms
a) layers of sediments being compacted and cemented together b) molten rock cooloing on the inside of Earth c) molten rock cooling on the outside of Earth d) rock changing from heat and pressure
Igneous rocks that cool on the outside of Earth's surface are __________
a) organic b) clastic c) extrusive d) intrusive
This type of sedimentary rock is made of other rocks pressed together
a) clastic b) organic c) chemical d) intrusive
This is the only type of rock that will contain fossils
a) igneous b) intrusive c) sedimentary d) metamorphic
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