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The Catholic Church's effort to reform itself was called what?
a) Counter-Reformation b) Reformation c) Calvinism d) Protestantism
What does the posting of the 95 theses and Diet of Worms relate to?
a) Catholic Counter-Reformation b) Renaissance and Reformation c) beginning of Protestantism d) end of Protestantism
Describe the beliefs of Martin Luther
a) Only popes and priests can interpret Bible b) Selling of indulgences c) Christians can communicate with God on their own. d) Christians must use priest to communicate with God.
What invention helped information spread quickly?
a) telescope b) microscope c) algebra d) printing press
What art technique used depth and dimension?
a) shading b) perspective c) fresco d) oil paintint
The emphasis on individual potential, achievement and education is called _________
a) Humanism b) commerce c) Protestant d) reform
The time of rebirth, that saw a revived interest in art, education and the ideas of the Greeks and Romans was known as what?
a) Reformation b) Counter Reformation c) Renaissance d) Protestant
Who invented the printing press?
a) Calvin b) Gutenberg c) Luther d) da Vinci
Where did the Reformation begin?
a) Spain b) Egypt c) Italy d) Germany
Who painted the Sistene Chapel and scuplted the Pieta?
a) da Vinci b) Piccaso c) Michelangelo d) Jesus
Which part of Europe became Protestant?
a) Northern b) Southern c) Eastern d) Western
Which part of Europe remained Catholic?
a) Northern b) Western c) Eastern d) Southern
Who created the theory that the world revolved around the sun?
a) Galileo b) Michelanglo c) Copernicus d) Gutenberg
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
a) Michelangelo b) da Vinci c) Raphel d) Ms. B
Preacher who followed Reformation
a) John Calvin b) Martin Luther c) council of Trent d) Copernicus
Where did the Renaissance begin?
a) Milan b) Moscow c) Florence d) Sydney
Who started the Reformation?
a) Martin Luther b) Johannes Gutenberg c) William Shakespear d) Pope Leo II
What was the motivating factor for Europeans to explore water trade routes?
a) find treasure b) increase trade with Asia c) discover new lands d) prove Copernicus's theory
Which country took the lead in expeditions to find new sea routes?
a) Spain b) Germany c) England d) Portugal
Who founded the first school of navigation?
a) Prince Henry the Navigator b) da Gama c) Dias d) Columbus
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