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The chief of the camp
a) Warden b) Veterinarian c) engraved d) shaft
The neck of a shovel
a) Warden b) shaft c) shrugged d) arced
Showing suspicion or fear
a) paranoid b) shrugged c) engraved d) microphones
To impress on a hard surface
a) paranoid b) Warden c) engraved d) shaft
Compared to shiny metal
a) Metallica b) metallic c) shrugged d) shaft
To become a fossil or fossil like
a) metallic b) shaft c) fossilized d) arced
An animal doctor
a) Warden b) microphones c) shrugged d) Veterinarian
Something curved in shape
a) arced b) metallic c) fossilized d) shrugged
To raise and contract the shoulders
a) shrugged b) microphones c) paranoid d) engraved
A device used to record sound
a) shaft b) arced c) metallic d) microphones
What is the first thing Stanley found that might be “interesting?”
a) fossilized fish b) an old glass bottle c) Ms. Harris's missing book d) a pile of dirt
Which boy is Stanley supposed to give his findings to?
a) Zero b) Armpit c) X-Ray d) A yellow spotted lizard
What was the name of the boy who used to bully Stanley at school?
a) Manny Moreno b) Derrick Dune c) Calvin Cotter d) Tyler Griffis
What scene did Stanley play in his head over and over while he dug his hole?
a) Swimming in a real lake. b) Having a tall glass of water. c) His bully being beat up by the boys from Group D. d) Nothing.
What does Stanley and the other boys do after they finish digging each hole?
a) Spit in it. b) Pour water in it. c) Shovel the dirt back into the hole. d) Do a line dance.
Stanley used to think he wanted to work for the _____________.
a) schools b) Camp Green Lake c) FBI d) CIA
What was glistening in the dirt pile by Stanley's hole?
a) a shotgun shell b) a mirror c) an earring d) a gold tube
What initials were engraved inside of it?
a) KB b) SH c) MM d) BB
Why did X-Ray 'snap' at Stanley?
a) He did not like Stanley anymore. b) He is crazy. c) He thought someone was listening to them. d) He was in a bad mood.
What did Mr. Pendanski try to argue about with the Warden?
a) Shoveling dirt. b) Driving the water truck. c) Filling canteens again. d) He didn't think he was being treated fairly.
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