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Background information is included in what section of the technical report?
a) Introduction b) Conclusion c) Method d) Results
What does the element section of the technical report relay to the reader?
a) What the reader wants to know b) What is important about the results c) What must be changed about the report d) What the reader must observe
The description of the research and the design process is included in which element of a technical report?
a) Methods b) Introduction c) Recommendations d) References
The failure to credit resources in a technical report is known as:
a) Plafiarism b) Infringement c) Patents d) Pluralism
Information can be inter:
a) Graphs b) Links c) Methods d) Photos
The importance about the results of a technical report is included in what section?
a) Conclusion b) Elements c) Methods d) Results/Discussion
Tables and graphs should be included in what section of the technical report?
a) Results b) Conclusions c) Introduction d) Recommendations
The documentation of sources within report is included in which element?
a) Reference b) Conclusion c) Glossary d) Appendix
The method component of the technical report describes which of the following?
a) How the activity was developed b) Sources of information c) What is included in the report d) What the results were
The use of visual aids in a technical report is permitted when it meets the following criteria:
a) Appropriateness to the objective b) Neatness of the presentation c) Uniform placement of the display d) Validity of the results
Which Component establishes the relationship between the results and the research question?
a) Conclusion b) Discussion c) Methods d) References
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