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If desired results are the input, then actual results are the
a) Output b) Input c) Possible solutions d) Probable solutions
When it comes to parliamentary procedure, before you can make a motion you must:
a) Obtain the floor b) Ask permission c) Claim prividege d) Raise your hand
After acting on the best solution, you should:
a) Look back and evaluate the results b) Act on the next possbility c) Attempt to establish the process d) Determine the other possible solutions
The clear definition of a problem is a/an:
a) Input task b) Feedback task c) Output task d) Process task
What is the first step in problem solving?
a) Define the problem clearly b) Act on a solution c) Detail possible problems d) Determine the possible solutions
During problem exploration it is important to:
a) Include all possible solutions b) Choose a good solution c) Discount improbable solutions d) Discount possible solutions
A workable solution to a clearly defined problem is:
a) Output b) Input c) Feedback d) Process
When it comes to parliamentary procedure, if no one seconds your motion, then it is considered to be:
a) Dead b) Defeated c) Incidental d) On hold
When someone is conducting an effective meeting, they should make each person believe that they are speaking:
a) Directly to him or her b) About an important topic c) As an authority d) From experience
What would you do after exploring all possible solutions to a problem?
a) Act on the best solution b) Act on all possible solutions c) Detail the results on each solution d) Look back at the definition
For a database, all information about one 'person' or a row is known as what?
a) Record b) Field c) Sheet d) Table
What is accomplished by using a database and word processor together?
a) Mail merge b) Calculation c) Cell merge d) Spreedsheet
For a database, what represents all the same type of data and is a column heading?
a) Field b) Calculation c) Cell d) Spreedsheet
How does an engineer represent a system of electronic components?
a) Schematic b) Circuit drawing c) Electronic draft d) Integrated circuit
What is used to automate repetitive calculations?
a) Spreadsheet b) CAD c) Calculator d) Database
To automate the management of different types of data, one would use:
a) Database software b) CAD software c) Presentation software d) Spreadsheet
For presentation software, when you are able to go from an slide to any other slide, then the presentation is said to be:
a) Hyper b) Circular c) Disorganized d) Sequential
A device that can detect the absence or presence of a condition is known as a/an:
a) Sensor b) Circuit c) Hyperlink d) Resistor
Which software type is useful for integrating different types of media together?
a) Presentation b) CAD c) Spreadsheet d) Word processor
Electrical current flows from:
a) Negative to positive b) North to south c) Positive to negative d) south to north
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