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The bottom of Mayan society.
a) traders b) nobles c) farmers d) priests
Capital of the Incan Empire
a) Machu Picchu b) Copan c) Tikal d) Cuzco
Tenochtitlan was linked to the mainland by
a) chinampas b) causeways c) bridges d) stone walls
Ancient Mayan city that has many pyramids
a) Machu Picchu b) Tenochtitlan c) Cuzco d) Tikal
Nobles and _____ were at the top of Mayan society.
a) craftsworkers b) traders c) slaves d) priests
The Incas were able to communicate throughout the empire by using
a) causeways b) trained runners c) chinampas d) llamas
Tenochtitlan was a perfect location for the Aztecs because
a) surrounding lakes provided goods b) lots of farmland for growing crops c) terraces on the mountain side allowed for gardening d) the mountains kept the Mayas out
Indian tribes that were conquered by the Aztecs
a) were allowed to farm the Aztec lands b) were given food and clothing c) had to give tribute d) had to let their children work on the chinampas
Subjects of the Incan Empire
a) were slaves b) were allowed to decide on their Emperor c) were able to set up their own government d) were provided with everything they needed
The Incan Empire included
a) the central Valley of Mexico b) Yucatan Peninsula c) northern edge of Mexico d) western part of South America
Mayan nobles
a) collected taxes b) governed the civilization c) worked in the fields d) carried out sacrifices
Aztecs fought with neighboring tribes in order to
a) build more pyramids b) increase their farming ground with terraces c) make their empire bigger d) create more chinampas
Aztecs were feared/hated by the people the conquered because
a) enslaved people had to work in the fields b) enslaved children had to go go school c) enslaved people were sacrificed d) enslaved people had to become warriors
All Aztec children
a) worked in the fields b) attended school c) paid taxes d) were warriors
What did the Mayas produce plenty of that let them do other things?
a) chinampas b) corn c) causeways d) beans
Mayas were probably the first in the Western world to develop
a) chinampas b) hieroglyphics c) calendars d) pyramids
Mayan city.
a) Cuzco b) Tenochtitlan c) Copan d) Machu Picchu
Mayan empire was located
a) in the Valley of Mexico b) Mexico/Central America c) west side of South America d) Chile, Peru, Bolivia
Incas built ___________ high in the Andes mountains.
a) Tikal b) Cuzco c) Machu Picchu d) Tenochtitlan
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