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The small garage unit located on the end of the South Shop building, where the automatic bus wash system is housed.
a) Yellow Guide Rails b) Wash Path c) Bus Wash Bay d) Brush Frame
The large yellow rails on the floor of the wash path, designed to lead the driver safely into the wash bay.
a) Yellow Guide Rails b) Floor Mounted Tire Stop c) Bus Wash Traffic Signal d) Bus Wash Bay
The flexible metal arm at the entrance of the wash bay. Upon entering the bay your school bus will engage the arm and activate the under carriage wash.
a) Wash Path b) Brush Frame c) Yellow Guide Rails d) Under Carriage Wash Activation Arm
The automatic water pressure delivery system beneath the wash path
a) Wash Path b) Under Carriage Wash System c) Brush Frame d) Bus Wash Traffic Signal
The path between the entry, exit, and entire area between the yellow guide rails inside the bus wash bay.
a) Wash Path b) Under Carriage Wash System c) Brush Frame d) Bus Wash Bay
The steel bar stop located on the floor, just before the brush frame.
a) Brush Frame Activation Panel b) Floor Mounted Tire Stop c) Wash Path d) Yellow Guide Rails
The large metal frame that houses the automatic brush system.
a) Bus Wash Bay b) Wash Path c) Floor Mounted Tire Stop d) Brush Frame
The red and green light unit that looks similar to a traffic signal. You must wait for the green light to move your school bus in or out of the bay.
a) Bus Wash Traffic Signal b) Brush Frame c) Under Carriage Wash Activation Arm d) Wash Path
The panel of switches and buttons located on the right column of the brush wash frame.
a) Under Carriage Wash System b) Bus Wash Bay c) Brush Frame Activation Panel d) Brush Frame
No students are allowed at the bus wash.
a) True b) False c) d)
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